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We help Busy Moms over 40 become aesthetically fit, energetic & strong

Make Your Next 40 Years, Your Best 40

There are those exceptional moms who simply do so much and rest so little. They prioritize career & family but health and well-being take a backseat.

SummaUp is a longevity medicine program that combines training and advanced therapeutics to energize your mind, body & spirit like never before.

It’s more than aging well and maintaining a youthful appearance. It’s about becoming who you want to be and ensuring you look as good as you feel indefinitely.

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12 years experience

There are no days off in your life

Your kids & family will depend on you being at your best and instilling good habits by default. 

Now it’s time you look and feel good in your own skin. SummaUp is an ongoing regimen of targeted workouts, diet and therapeutics tailored to enable your body and mind to perform as never before. Informed by your personal health data, Dr. Ryan designs a workout and treatment plan unique to your profile that yields results in just 12 weeks. You’ll grow stronger, fitter and sharper, while measurably boosting the key metrics that determine your overall health, resiliency and longevity.